Little Boots, "Meddle"

To be brutally honest, BBBD wasn't into London's Little Boots when the singer hit several months ago. Our outlook has morphed, though: this chick is pretty friggin' great, and the new single, "Meddle," is proof of her fresh talent.

Little Boots is the culmination of our current fascination with Italo-disco, 1980s girly pop, and grimy, dark, atmospheric electronic grit. "Meddle" is a stark and magical pop gem that stands out not only for the downright sexy vocals, but also for the snake-charming jazz melodies, techy yet mystically organic beats, and nontraditional arrangements. Catchy and alluring through creepiness and spacey uniqueness. Ach, it's killer. With breath baited, we wait for more, more, more!

Little Boots - Meddle

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Anonymous said…
Noooooo, its gone already?!!
Nicholas Mercer said…
Get it right here ...