AJ Fosik

braggin party
As many of you know, every once in a while, I come upon a young artist that I like a lot. And I always feel compelled to write about it here. For no real reason. Maybe it is because I really want to "be in charge," and this is my way of doing it. Okay, so I won't psychoanalyze this feature of my character, but I will tell you about the artist.
His name is AJ Fosik (*ooooooh ... aaaaaah*), and he creates these really unique folk-inspired wood sculptures. Like, I do not really know what the Native Americans were making back in their day (and I think totem poles are a stereotype, so I won't go there), but when I see AJ Fosik's stuff, I kind of think Native American traditional art.
Especially since they all have "found objects" in them (or a lot of them at least). Like, one of them has a gun in it, so that makes me think that maybe it's an Indian commenting on how the gun has destroyed his culture. Or something.
You get the point.
Check his stuff out at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

No one is allowed to buy the bear since I want it. Sorry. Some of it looks pretty satanic, eh? Eh?