Now That's What I Call Indie Covers!

Woo! This is cool! A fellow blogger is working on making a 40-song compilation of indie covers. That is, a comp featuring really cool indie bands covering their favorite (?) songs. Vol. 1, which you can download here, is sehr gut. It features (my favorite) the Unicorns, Rilo Kiley, their fellow Omahaians (is that the word for it), Tily and the Wall, and David Byrne! So far, I have only gotten through about half of the thing, but I like it a lot. Cool idea.
Now, keep in mind, these are all pre-recorded covers. Like, none of them were created specifically for this compilation, but I still like the idea. The Flaming Lips doing Queen?! Ya can't lose.

Speaking of comps, Bloc Party is preparing an August release of remixes which looks pretty cool. You can download some of the tracks here. I dig.