WK Interact

I really don't know too much about French street/urban artists. I think that the Space Invader guy is from France, but other than that, I'm totally clueless. So it was good for me to run into some work by WK Interact, another French artist.
Now, granted, WK Interact (he does not like to use his real name), moved from France to NYC about 10 years ago, but I think he still counts as a French artist.
He works primarilly with stencils and spray paint (I think), but his stuff is generally really cool! And maybe he'll go somewhere ... he's already done stuff for Adidas and Dr. Martens ... who knows ...

Lastly, he has a new book, called WKInteract: Exterior - Interior Act 2 , that is supposed to be really great. And hey, it's over 200 pages, so you probably can't go wrong, judging by how good of an artist WK Interact is.