Artist Update

Alright ... first off, sorry for the delays in posting. I'm in Cape Cod right now for family stuff, and I do not have fast and easy internet access all the time.
So, today's post is kind of a overview of some artists that I have recently come across and that I find to be pretty good and creative.
First there is Joseph Ari Aloi, or JK5. I like his work because it is very crowded and busy, and lots of detail (my favorite). There is a very urban edge to it ... very skateboarder-ish or something. Good stuff.
Next there is Andrew Guenther, whose work is more traditional technique-wise, but also very edgy. And creepy ... like, there is one piece that he did called Eat Vomit. That kind of thing. But I like how he uses traditional (and therefore seemingly boring) materials, like watercolors and normal brushes.

Lastly, there is Rostarr, a pretty abstract graphic designer and artist. Very colorful, very bold and bright, and also pretty detailed. I also like this stuff. Apparently, he did some 3D works too.