For all you Pitchforkmedia readers, the Wilderness self-titled debut album is nothing new, since they reviewed it several weeks back. But I have finally gotten through the disk several times, and I trully enjoyed it!
The drumming I think is really cool. It sounds very primitive and simple, yet the rhythms used are pretty complex, which adds a whole different layer to the music. Kind of Joy Division sounding drumming ...
The vocals are also very unique. Not really shouting, not really singing.
The album also has a shoegaze gloss over it. Very atmospheric, very eerie. Apparently, the band has been together for 10 years, so maybe that is why they have their distinct sound down pat.

Check out Arkless. The record was released on Jagjaguwar Records, which is just a great record label in general, so you all should check the rest of their catalogue out as well as look into Wilderness!