no business
Instead of a normal post, I will create a fake conversation concerning Negativland -- a really cool old band, with a new release.
"Okay -- I just heard this wacked out band!"
"Oh yeah? What iz they called, boy?"
"Negativland. They have a new disc out called No Business, but they have been around since 1979!"
"Holy Mother! I never heard of them, but they're 26 years old. What are they like?"
"Well ... they are like the Books before the Books existed. And like the Books, but on acid. They make some of the most bizarre cut-and-paste music I have ever heard. The groups just messed around with random recording equpiment all day long, and I think that's why they have such a unique sound."
"That sounds cool."
"Yeah. Oh, and they are from Berkeley."

Right, so that was lightweight lame. The new album is, again, called No Business, and is actually pretty accessible for such a strange style of music. But my favorite album of theirs is Escape From Noise.