Man, this is hard. Getting back into blogging. I was a bad blogger. Sorry all.
Anyway, here's my first music tip since returning from my short hiatus.
There is this great new Stones Throw artist called Koushik. The label would imply that Koushik is a rapper, but instead, he is sort of like Four Tet in that he does lots of free jazz/folktronic stuff, with a nod to hip hop production. Really great stuff. Be With is his first full length album, but he did several 7"s and 12"s before the newest LP was released (including a Madvillain remixes album with Four Tet!)
I always love to see record labels, like Stones Throw, that are usually associated with a specific sound or style go another direction every once in a while, and reach out to other audiences.

Download Battle Rhymes for Battle Times, one of the best songs on the album.