Are You Ready For More?

are you ready for more?
The Go! Team's Australian tour EP, Are You Ready For More?, has been out for a while, but I just got around to listening to it (and do you know how hard it is to find the bloody thing!?)
My verdict: it rocks. The first track is the single version of "Bottle Rocket," which is a damn good song, but I mean, I already heard it. I love love love "The Ice Storm" ... beautiful swirling, jingley samples layered over one another in that perfect Go! Team sort of way. "We Listen Every Day" is super cool, too ... sounds a little like something that the Shangri-Las would have done, er, I mean, it sounds like the Go! Team doing something in that style. Slower than most of their other songs, but still really exciting and energetic because of the shouted vocals.
"We Just Won't Be Defeated" is also great. It has this childrens' song sort of vibe ... sounds to me like the singer should be singing about pink bows and pretty dolls or something. Major chord progressions on a old piano and a cute synthesizer line make it sound like such ...
"Did You Feel It Too" is also a slow piece. The group uses their signature strings and harmonica sound in this tune ... very cool as well. I'm genuinely surprised by "Hold Yr Terror Close"'s incredibly lo-fi qualities. The Go! Team are known for having a pretty loosely produced sound, but this song isn't even really like the group's normal lo-fi thing. A happy childrens' song is what I think of, again.
Did you ever see Ghost World? Remember that song that Enid listens to when she's remembering her childhood? That's what this sounds like. It makes me want to be a little teary eyed and hug my favorite stuffed animal or dig up my "blankey."

I love the Go! Team more than ever with this release. They showed a side of them I would have never seen coming.