Feel Good Inc. Japan-Only EP

feel good inc.
The Japan-only Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz EP has been out for a while, but I was prompted to write about it since I just bought it, and the Japan-only Dare came out today, although I have not yet listened to that.
I just wanted to say that the EP is great, though. I love "Feel Good Inc." -- a great hit single. But I also enjoy "Spitting Out the Demons" for it's old-skool Gorillaz appeal. It sounds a little bit like something from the Laika Come Home reggae-remix album or else just pure Blur. "Bill Murray" is an excellent repeated groove ... nothing too great, but fun. I really like "Murdoc Is God" ... Damon Albarn's (or should I say 2D's?) vocals are superb on this song ... high with that on-purpose shakiness that makes them so unique and cool. The EP also comes with the "Feel Good Inc." video. Way cool.

I'm really curious to listen to the Dare EP. It looks really neat because it's totally in Japanese ... like, it has "Dare" written in Japanese and was definitely made for a Japan-only audience.