Stellastarr*'s debut s/t album was ... so-so, I think. Lots of potential ... a gothy vibe, crazy weird vocals, and an intensity that isn't seen to much in the swirling, atmospheric music that they make. Well, their second LP, Harmonies For the Haunted, is more focused. This time, the group knows what they're trying to do, I feel. Now, if I like it or not is another question. The vocals are certainly stronger. The guitar part is more prevelant and cutting, which I like. But I feel like their music is more of a copy of ... something. It sometimes sounds rather Cure-ish, but at other times, it sounds like their older stuff, which was kind of Flock of Seagulls inspired. Listen to their newest stuff on their website. They've certainly got chops. So that's a good point. Whatever.

I just can't get over that voice! It's Paul Banks from Interpol mixed with Ian Curtis, but with less security behind it. I'm not convinced of his conviction, even though he tries hard to do just that.