Supergrass, "St. Petersburg" Video

Ah ... Supergrass ... the weathered darlings of British pop music. Supergrass, formed in 1993, seems to be one of the few remaining carryover bands from the Brit-pop explosion of the early 1990s, but thankfull they are indeed still alive and well, and will release a new record, Road to Rouen, one of their best, on the 27th. It's a slightly more ambitious return to their older pop stuff ... they haven't broken any apparent boundaries, but have definitely expanded their sound, possibly just because of sheer talent and experience.
They recently came out with a great video to accompany their single, St. Petersburg. The video is pretty normal ... just the group playing the song, but it is filmed in such a way that melds well with the music. The color seems muted, the lighting is very soft ... it was well done. So be sure to check it out!
Apparently, this new record was recorded in the confines of a barn in Normandy. It was also self-produced, and I think they did a very good of that. Many bands, when self-producing an album, end up sounding too ornate ... too ambitious. It always sounds to me like one of the band members was having a little too much fun working the console.

Not so for this new record ... very well done.