Deerhoof - The COvers

Why is Deerhoof like, the coolest band ever!? They released an internet-exclusive live album last year, and now have given us all another present ... The Covers. At first, I thought it was an album of Deerhoof doing covers of other bands' material, but it's the opposite. They are now cover-worthy!
Ain't they a cool and creative band? I didn't know this until a little while ago, but their new [fantastic] album, The Runners Four, was recorded in their practice room. That's why it has an unlayered feel to it ... I should have figured that out by now! So, while their new music is more melodic than before, it does not have the cleaness that Milk Man had.
Anyway, if you can bring yourself to only downloading one covers song, I suggest getting Milking by New Decade. It's the best overall cover because it sounds the most like Deerhoof, which I would think is a hard thing to be successful in.

I want more free stuff! Oh, and I want some bloody t-shirts! I saw one of the Deerhoof guys with a really cool silk-screen printed t-shirt at the concert that said Deerhoof ... why can't they make more of those!?