Rockin' On

rockin' on
Luckily, there is a pretty good bookstore in Kanonji. I've been buying the latest installments of Brutus, Relax, and, yes, Doraemon in English and Japanese (for those of you who don't know Doraemon, he is a cat, with no ears, from the 22nd century who has a 4D pocket full of tricks and goofy inventions ... I read it because it's easy and helps expand my vocabulary).
But today, I looked a little deeper into the magazine collection and discovered Rockin' On, a magazine which I only hope to be able to fully comprehend some day.
For only 600 yen, you get an issue absolutely bursting at the seams with rock news and updates (which are, for the most part, American and British) and a great sampler CD! This one features the Rakes, (new) Gang of Four, Her Space Holiday, and Junior Senior (by the way, the new Junior Senior LP is being released in Japan first ... hah!), among others. Franz Ferdinand made the cover story ...
I dig it hard.

Anyone else ever heard of this thing? Where's it from? Who publishes this? I didn't think that the Japanese media had it in 'em to put this sort of thing out in normal bookstores!