Just For Kicks

just for kicks
The Resfest film festival looks so friggin' cool, and yes, I probably should have blogged about it by now. But I didn't. Missed out ... damn.
Anyway, this one documentary, Just For Kicks, looks really intriguing to me. I guess partially because I happen to love shoes, but it still looks very well done in its own right. Like, the cast includes such greats as Grandmaster Caz, Fab 5 Freddy, Raekwon, and Haz.
So I get the feeling that it centers more on hip-hop-endorsed footwear, but all the same -- neato-o idea (yes ... I am white).
Any of you New Yorkers been to any Resfest films? Or, for that matter, people living in Chicago, Toronto, LA, or San Francisco (anywhere but Cleveland or Tokyo when I will be there in October ... )? I would interested to hear what the highlights were.

And so it ends ...