Fantastic! Spectacular! Lucky You

neutral milk hotel
Hey -- my post title sounds like a new band name ... aren't exclamations marks the hot new thing to use? Bands with "wolf" in their name are so out.
Right -- it is time for Christmas (thought I'd switch it up there!), and that means that it's time for musicians to give their music away for free, in hopes that you will give them a nice little year-end present in return ...
The Spectacular Fantastic is a band that I like now. I like their killer distorted thumping bass lines. And I like their yippy-skippy, sing along songwriting style. Well, the group released a split EP with Tessitura, which you can download right here. Tessitura is a good band as well, by the way, and they have what looks like a free album posted on their site as well! Cool!
Lucky Misu is another pop group (maybe there are too many pop groups these days ... I want a little less cheer this holiday season!), and they too are given away an EP ... download the .rar here. (That EP is the second one that they have given away for free ... download the other EP [.rar] right here).
Also, Digiki's latest Polypunk is out ... download 004 here, and visit his website here.
And I know that this has been all over the net as of late, but I wanted to write about it, too. Some Neutral Milk Hotel demos have surfaced as of late ... but these demos are really cool because they were made in a sort of college frat, and they were made before the band truly became NMH, and once all the songs' titles are confirmed, all of the tracks will be released. Listen to some of them at Shannon's Arty Arty.
Update - Also, download an EP by the band Hussalonia right here!