Vibrations 8.2

I like Canadian music more living in Japan since the country is no longer my "next door neighbor." When I feel lonely or detached from the society I am living in, I like to listen to Canadian music (i.e. the Arcade Fire) and imagine the bands playing in some small shack of a studio far from any community. I know this is rarely the case, but it's my imagination, so ease up!
The Vermicious Knid is a quartet from Brantford, Ontario (where the heck is that?!) ... I like them because they sound like a more acoustic - yet no less invigorated - version of the Stills. And their song "The Ghosts of Drunken Past" has some very Unicorns-esque chord changes in it, not to mention Arcade Fire-esque vocal harmonies! (Although they're a tad too emo for me at points ... )
the Vermicious Knid - The Ghosts of Drunken Past
the Vermicious Knid - Finding Seventeen Hands

We're Marching On is better, I think. A more funky version of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! ... I dig their use of cheesy organ and shout/call-and-response vocals. Their only song I can find is the one they have on their NMC page ...
We're Marching On - Shithawk

Last is another (!) Brantford band, the Majesties. Again, the only song I can find of theirs is their NMC piece ...
the Majesties - Geronimo