Vibrations 8.7

Doing a holiday post is tough, and I honestly don't think I have it in me to tell you guys what I thought the best 10, 15, 20 ... even 100 releases of the year were. That's way too damn hard!
Remember how the Arcade Fire hit really big at the end of 2004? Well, I don't think that Portugal the Man will get as much attention at the Arcade Fire (and they probably don't deserve as much), but they're good, and certainly a nice note to end the year on! Really quirky mix of rock and goofy R&B stuff ... angst ridden as usual ... take a listen!
Portugal the Man - Stables and Chairs
Portugal the Man - Marching With Six
Portugal the Man - AKA M80 the Wolf

And the Chromatics are finally back. And they've like, totally changed! For the better! They've drawn out their songs a little more, made them spookier and cleaner, and their layering is deceptively sparse. Way cool.
the Chromatics - Healer (12" version)

Herman Dune is a very laid back group ... loopy vocals, lo-fi production qualities, understated guitars. An interesting winter introduction ...
Herman Dune - You Could Be A Model, Goodbye
Herman Dune - Various Medicines
Herman Dune - Suburbs With You
Herman Dune - Orange Hat
Herman Dune - A Wiser Man
Herman Dune - Not On Top