Vibrations 5.7

The beginning and the end is always the hardest. So it's hard for me to re-start this blog ... I want this post to be fantastic, excellent, awe-inspiring, but ... I dunno.
Anyway -- I've got lots of bands for you to listen to, so if that doesn't make you all happy, I'm not quite sure what will!
I bet that a lot of you know about this website, the Secret Unicorns Forum, and I bet that a lot of you know that there is a bootleg section on the site, which is usually locked until the end of the month. Well, I found a "back entrance" to the bootlegs ... hehe. I won't link directly to any of the MP3s -- that would be a little mean even for me -- but I will direct you to the site. Unicorns and Islands fans rejoice!
the Islands Bootlegs

Coyote is a neato garage band ... creepier than most. Lots of weird and eerie harmonies spice up the [sometimes bland] style ...
Coyote - Half the Time
Coyote - White Fox

Aw ... I like the Teeth quite a bit. They have this really elegant, pretty, quaint sound. The vocals remind me of the Starlight Mint vocals. Kind of loopy, wacky stuff, but lots of sugary fun.
the Teeth - The Man Without a Motive
the Teeth - Peter Goes to 43rd St.

Now, Beat Radio is nice, too. Swirly keyboard melodies add a sweet little twist to their sound, which, without the keyboards, would be pretty "normal" ... poppy, well-done ... I like.
Beat Radio - Mexico
Beat Radio - Everything Is Temporary
Beat Radio - Another Loveless Anthem

Hmm ... I suppose I like Le Sport, but maybe they sound a little bit too much like they're trying to rip New Order off ... judge for yerself!
Le Sport - I Comes Before U
Le Sport - Business Girls
Le Sport - Eurosport Music Baby

I think that one of the reasons I would really like to go to an Arcade Fire show is because they seem to always be covering good songs. And they do their own, unique versions of them all ... I would love to hear these things live, but getting them off the 'net is the best I can do for now ...
the Arcade Fire - Age of Consent (New Order Cover)
the Arcade Fire - Brazil

Last up (for now, sadly) is ... Measles Mumps Rubella, a ... bizarre group. Like David Byrne singing dance tunes played by the ESG girls ... weird, but pretty good.
Measles Mumps Rubella - Algorithm of Desire