Vibrations 9.3

I've got a musical backlog that I'm trying to get through before the New Year hits, so be prepared for a lot of new music ...
The Old Soul is a band that I would like to make friends with. Their lyrics sound like they were pulled out of Wayne Coyne's (of the Flaming Lips) book o' lyrics, and their unpretentious sound is a welcome change for me. A very unique musical "explosion," these guys are good.
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I am hesitant to compare Mellowdrone to Siousxie and the Banshees, but I can't help it. With a vocalist like theirs, I can't help it, though (although vocal duties are shared in this group ... )
Mellowdrone - Fashionably Uninvited
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The Divorce are a slightly flamboyant poppy punk group. They sort of chug along through most of their songs, but there is something appealing about them for me ...
the Divorce - Fishing With the Party Sharks

Here's a confusing one for ya: the Colour. They have the style of the Strokes combined with the Killers (and [some of] the hooks, to boot), and the vocals of Robert Smith! Bizarre, man!
the Colour - Tambourine
the Colour - Open Up the Boulevards