A Unicorns Christmas

The Unicorns are still my favorite band, so I thought that a Unicorns-themed Christmas present would be a nice thing to give all you readers out there.
The two Islands songs are leaks from their debut album (due out sometime early next year), Return To the Sea, and the Unicorns song is from the group's XFM session. I did not realize that "Abominable Snowman" was written by the Unicorns when they were still together! Like, "Ceremony" was written when Joy Division was still together, but it's the New Order version that we all know (I don't even think Joy Division ever got around to recording the piece, but you get the idea ... )
Islands - Swans (Life After Death)
Islands - Rough Gem
Islands - Volcanoes
Unicorns - Abominable Snowman (XFM session)