Vibrations 7.2

All right ... it's been a while since I've done a "vibrations" post, so here's one more before I go off to Okinawa for a few days (back on Friday night).
When I first listened to Apparat Organ Quartet's music, I thought I was hearing a mash-up of YMO and Kraftwerk or something along those lines. The Reykjavik group's music is simple and spacey, but not too minimalist to make it sound like the more modern techno, artsy groups that are popping up all over the place.
Apparat Organ Quartet is basically a band that consists of 4 men, operating ancient, highly customized electric music machines, including various cheap home organs, Farfisas and Russian synthesizers, with the help of a trusty old drum set. All of itÂ’s members are well known in the Icelandic music community for their previous work.
Apparat Organ Quartet - Romantica

Okay -- so
the Physics of Meaning
ain't nothing too special, but I like their chilled-out style of pseudo-baroque-rock. The edgy guitar playing makes for a sort of country feel to their music, though ... I dunno ... hm.
the Physics of Meaning - Small Towns and Invisible People
the Physics of Meaning - Oregon, My Only True Friend
the Physics of Meaning - Down at Columbia and Cameron

The Silent Type is equally quiet and laid back, but their sound is more folky, the orchestrations a little less flashy and more subtly ornate.
the Silent Type - Alarms