The Unicorns Are My DEVO

the unicorns
I post a lot about the Unicorns (and things related to the mystical creatures), I know. No one's asking you to pay attention, though ...
Today is my birthday, and I have decided that the Unicorns were a very important band for me. They changed my outlook on music quite a bit and they were the first blast of musical (and mystical) freshness that I had ever experienced first hand.
It doth soundeth corny, yes -- that I idolize one particular band with such fervor. So I'll skip the rest of this crap and give you guys your birthday presents!
the Unicorns - Unknown (Hands) (Live at Emo's)
the Unicorns - Rocket Ship (Daniel Johnston Cover) (Live at Levi Fader Lounge)
the Unicorns - Suicide Is A Shame (Live at Levi Fader Lounge)
Yup -- only two songs, and both live ... but they're goodies and oldies and new to me. Enjoy them as much as I did, please.