Post-Christmas Void

tic toc tokyo
The time following Christmas can be a lot of things.
Blatantly fun is not one of them ... too much dead time only makes one tired or irritated. Even though I try my hardest to kill the dead time (hah -- funny joke?), through music searching, graphic design stuff, reading, etc. ... it doesn't always work.

But I will now proceed to bare the fruits of my labor: here are a few cool bands. Have fun.

I've little idea as to how I stumbled across this oddity, Thomas Tantrum, but they came across my radar somehow, and now I'm hooked. The band's a four-piece girl group, and their specialty is making "wiry guitar patterns with little red riding hood vocals." They do it well, almost channeling some of the older post-punk girl groups and experimental bands like the Raincoats, Delta 5 ...
Very strange. Head over to the MySpace page.

There seems to be quite a split over whether or not the Rotters suck. Sloppy, [predictable], garage-punk with a cruddy female singer. I say you listen and decide for yourself.
My opinion? They suck.

If you want garage-punk that's quite a bit more refined, then the Oxfam Glamour Models is for you. Crazy distortion and impudent vocals, these guys are brash and edging on annoying, but man do I want to dance to it all ...
Check out their MySpace page, too!

And since I'm clearly favoring the U.K. here, I'll throw Tic Toc Tokyo into the mix. They're from Melbourne, and they appear to be attempting to channel the Cure in their music. That poppy, sharp, yet dark voice totally sounds like Robert Smith (er, you get my point), and the high bass combined with loads of negative space on the guitar's side of things ...
Regardless, it's sort of cool. Maybe a little too emo, a little too gothy for me at time, but certainly worth a listen or two.
Thomas Tantrum - Certainly Dumber (demo)
Thomas Tantrum - Staring At You (demo)
the Rotters - Japanese Punk
the Oxfam Glamour Models - Postmodern Star
Tic Toc Tokyo - Everything I Told You Was A Lie
Tic Toc Tokyo - Points of Correspondence
Tic Toc Tokyo - This Is A Love Song
Tic Toc Tokyo - Action Time

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Holiday Giving

Well, it's Christmas, and to celebrate (?), I'm putting up three tracks from the Myth Takes album, !!!'s latest.
The record's not out until March 4th, but it's leaked (duh), but it's good. And since a few of the tracks have been floating around, I've decided to put up a few more.

It's looking and sounding good. !!!'s gone a little more to the Out Hud side of things, shooting for atmospheric funk instead of angular dance-rock/punk. They definitely maintain their usual sound, but this time it's more provocative, swirling in a funky mess in and our of your ears, climaxing just as quickly as it slows down and burns out. There's a tension in Myth Takes that is a little unusual for them; they've always sounded antsy, but now it's more dignified and uh ... sophisticated?

Anyway ... my two cents ain't going anywhere here, so I'll just lay the tracks down. Check them out, see what you think.
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - A New Name
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Sweet Life
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Yadnus

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The Better Move

box codax
I never realized this until a few days ago, but Nick McCarthy of Franz Ferdinand used to be in a German band called Kamerakino. It's been like, two years since they released anything, but the other cool and related news is that Nick McCarthy (who obviously split from the group), actually recently released a solo record, under the moniker Box Codax. It's certainly not Franz Ferdinand, but there's a pop quality to it that does remind me quite a bit of some of Franz's hooks and such. Definitely a bizarre record, but worth looking into ...

Check out Kamerakino's MySpace page, and be sure to also head over to Box Codax's, too.

This one's unrelated, but you all should check out Teenage Symphony, a quirky pop band from Dallas. There's a very eerie, atmospheric quality to their stuff ... chilly vocals on top don't make anything warmer, and the carol-like harmonizing frosts the whole production.
But I dig it, so be sure to head over to their MySpace page as well!

Lastly, be sure to listen to some stuff by My Luminaries. These Manchester-based guys have a sound akin to what would happen were Good Shoes to mingle with the Strokes. It's sharp at the edges, hook-filled, and fun, but a little rough and screwy on the inside. I've a feeling that this quartet'll be hyped to some extent, but that's just me talking ...
Box Codax - Pollockshields Girls
Box Codax - Naked Smile
Teenage Symphony - Jesus Christ
Teenage Symphony - Lucky

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Ghost Box

the focus group
I recently came across this really phenomenal UK record label, Ghost Box. The label's "manifesto" of sorts is as follows ...
Ghost Box is an independent music label for artists that find inspiration in library music albums, folklore, vintage electronics, and the school music room.
Interesting, huh?
Truly, these guys are releasing some awesome stuff. The label's signed four groups (the Focus Group being my favorite), all of which sound similar to like, Broadcast. It's old 60s psychedelic lounge sort of stuff ... perfect to explicate and analyze, but also perfect to relax to. If you're in a mod-ish 60s pad or something.

Regardless, I'll keep listening to this stuff, narrow-cut slacks, fitted suit, and horn-rimmed glasses or not ...
Check out some of the clips they've provided us below ...
the Focus Group - Hey Let Your Love Loose
the Focus Group - Activity and Scales(clip)
the Focus Group - Alsh(clip)
the Focus Group - Bromiding Place(clip)
Belbury Poly - Wildspot(clip)
the Advisory Circle - Mind How You Go(clip)

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via audio
I missed it. Damn it.
I hit the 600 post ... "barrier" (?) with that Deerhoof post. I was sort of hoping that by this point, I'd be a little higher up, but I suppose 600 is more than realistic after over two years.
(Email me to get that celebratory BiBaBiDi magazine!)

Anyway ... today I've got a bunch of new stuff to lay out for all of you.
For those of you out there who like Autolux, Galaxie 500, and other such bands, Via Audio may be the group for you.
They're certainly downer, and they almost plod along like a blues song or something, but there's a vitality to their stuff ... a tastefulness. And they incorporate plenty of subtle little things into their songs, whether it be strange instrumentation, precise plucking, or beautifully mixed and layered vocals. For a Brooklyn-based group, they're pretty damn chill.
Check out the MySpace page!

I don't know much about the Melbourne scene, aside from like, Modular (which is probably enough for me ... ), but if you're into bar-band sort of stuff with a twinge of arty-ness (re: Mission of Burma here), then Telecom is the group for you. I can never quite place it, but I always feel like Australian bands have a twee element to them that's uncommon in other countries. Telecom's music is significantly heavier than twee-pop tends to be, but maybe twee-rock (a contradiction?) would be a better way to put it. It's ... cute. (Forgive my language.)
Guess what!? They've a MySpace page, too.

Lastly, I heart the Submaries. They've a MySpace page, too ... listen to ... everything.
(Yeah ... I got bored of writing there.)
Telecom - Second Feature
Telecom - Short Round
the Submarines - Love & Hate

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Deerhoof's Back (And Now I'm Legit)

One thing I've always loved about Deerhoof is how they [pretty] reliably release one album every year or year and a half.
So when I'm feeling down and lacking in terms of new releases, I just look back on Deerhoof's discography, realize it's been a year and a few months, and viola! instant happiness ... the new album's coming out soon, I think.

While most of you already know that Friend Opportunity will be hitting stores in January (re: my other post on this subject), plenty of news has come up concerning the record's awesomeness. David Shrigley created twelve covers for the album, for example. More importantly,
On previous albums, one of Deerhoof's main weapons was negative space – the band members were like painters who'd leave bare patches of canvas to highlight their strokes; now they're more inclined to fill in each square inch, inviting us to revel in every brilliant corner ... But just as importantly, you can hear how Deerhoof took a little something from each of the bands they'd toured with — Radiohead, the Roots, and Wilco — although they don't sound like any of those bands. It's more like some strange new mountain of music that came from several tectonic plates of colliding conceptions, a stunning upheaval that scrapes the skies and etches mind-boggling mandalas into the clear blue.

Anyway. Check out these official MP3s. They are fantastic. What an amazing record.
Deerhoof - +81
Deerhoof - The Little Drummer Boy

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BIBABIDI: 2006, A Very Brief Musical Inventory

bibabidi mag
Today's post is actually ... in regards to something I've just produced! No longer am I writing about others' work.
Okay, but let's be realistic ... that's how it'll be going for a while longer still.

BIBABIDI: 2006, A Very Brief Musical Inventory is a sort of magazine I produced to commemorate the year in BiBaBiDi. It features reprints of interviews I did, plenty of graphics and quotes, a few unaffiliated pictures, and a "best of 2006" list.

So if you'd like it, please email me. I'm looking to charge $2 for each issue, but I'd be happy to get them off my hands.

Also in the works is a magazine for DHS and a few other projects I'm working on independently. So keep your eyes peeled.


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What Is It?

pull tiger tail
I'll be the first to admit that the hype that the NME and similar magazines have delivered to the Klaxons is at least partially founded. They're -- for lack of a better word -- good. They've created a new-ish style of music that's both frantic and spazzy yet collected and dancy. And with an outward style like theirs, it's hard to ignore them.

So their "neo-rave" style (or whatever) is catching on. Bands like Pull Tiger Tail are boarding the bandwagon early and replicating the sound for those of us too eager for another Klaxons release to wait. While Pull Tiger Tail isn't quite as wacky and confounding and chillingly bizarre as Klaxons, they've got quite a spark, and that's something. Check out their MySpace page.

On another note ... Betty & the Werewolves. These girls sound like they're channeling the Unicorns through the guise of the Pipettes. Interesting stuff ... sweet start-stop guitar pop structured songs, charming vocals, and plenty of hooks that pull you right in.

Lastly, I've got this super goofy pseudo-rap duo, the Similou They're from Gothenburg (and boy do they sound it) and full of whatever Junior Senior have been taking and old school rap. It's Kool Keith meets Junior Senior filtered through Duran Duran. Still not quite sure what to make of it all, but they're interesting and certainly fun. Check out their MySpace page, too ...
Pull Tiger Tail - Mr 100 Percent

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Super Roots

super roots
This is just a quick note, so not much to report.
But I thought you'd all like to know that Vice Records is a) re-releasing all of the Boredoms' Super Roots albums (1 through 8), and they've put an 11-track sampler up online ...
Which you can download by clicking on the below link and entering the password, "b89" ... try it out because it's definitely worth your time.
That's all. More goodness later.
Boredoms - Super Roots Sampler

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Possibly the most appealing aspect of New Order's music to me is Peter Hook's amazing bass playing. He plays so high and carries so much melody through what most bands consider just the crummy extra part: the stereotypical bassist is always the idiot room mate who had nothing better to do than learn how to pluck a few strings.
Peter Hook is the counter example.

Anyway, this new Portuguese band -- Loto (lame name?) has a rather good track called "Cuckoo Plan" (lame name?) which features ... Peter Hook on bass! And man does he tear it up.

But the group clearly has artist merit and ability in its own right ... check out their MySpace page. They're fun, light, a little on the frantic side, but brimming with tropical vibes and poppy, sharp guitar lines (re: Aztec Camera) and actually an inordinate amount of New Order influences, in terms of vocals, song structure, synth integration, and yes, bass lines ... I hope, hope, hope these guys go somewhere.
Always room for a Portuguese band in America ...
Loto - Cuckoo Plan (feat. Peter Hook)
Loto - Back To Discos

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A year or so ago, this weird little Brooklyn art/psychedelic band, Vietnam, released The Concrete's Always Greyer on the Other Side of the Street on Vice Records (or all the labels!) ...
There's something sweet and endearing about them, something ethereal and distancing also, and something warm and comforting to mix it all together in what -- to me -- sounds like the Strokes trying to turn up their culture and add in some heavy psych undertones.

They're clean, and I doubt their really as hippy-ish as they attempt to be, but hey -- if you're living in a converted store front/commune, you've gotta have one hell of a lot of creative juices flowing through your veins.

They've got a whole slew of releases coming up this year, including an album on Kemado Records, and some other stuff on The Social Registry. Get pumped. It'll be cool stuff, I'm certain.
Try these tracks out.
VietNAM - Welcome To My Room
VietNAM - Step On Inside
VietNAM - The Priest, the Poet, & the Pig
VietNAM - Mr. Goldfinger
VietNAM - Hotel Riverview

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Smoothie Man!

bulgur brothers
After that LCD Soundsystem/DFA fiasco, I've decided to lay low once again ... I do feel sort of bad for good ol' James Murphy: his new record's been leaked, and it's not to be released until March! Ah!

So ... here goes the usual listing. Enjoy some of these guys (if not all!)
I recently came across this Swedish techo duo, Blugur Brothers. A strange name, yes, but what cool music, if you're into that minimal house sort of thing (think Playhouse or something). They've a MySpace page, so check that out for more music!

If you're into cute, glam-pop (sort of) from Canada, then you should check out ... Tomboyfriend. They're neat, they're fun, they're gonna "take the boys on"!

London's never been a hot spot for folk-pop (in my mind, at least), but this it hugs back group is pretty ace, and pretty folksy. There's an air of shoegaze to them, though, and is it just me, or do those acoustic guitars sound pretty distorted at points? I dunno ... check out their MySpace page, though ...
Tomboyfriend -- End of Poverty
Tomboyfriend -- Anything Can Be Loved
it hugs back -- Lights In the Trees (clip)
it hugs back -- Soft Spot (clip)

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Let's See

lcd soundsystem
Okay, let's see how long we can keep this up. These tracks are too good to not have floating around, though, so here it goes ...

As many of you probably know, LCD Soundsystem's got a new album coming out soon called Sound of Silver. I spotted four or five tracks, but the whole thing seems to have leaked. Anyway, it's good. It's more kraut-focused and progy than the previous effort. It's also more balanced; more like an album as opposed to assorted tracks. This is looking good ... fingers crossed.
LCD Soundsystem -- Get Innocuous
LCD Soundsystem -- Time To Get Away
LCD Soundsystem -- North American Scum
LCD Soundsystem -- Someone Great

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the pigeon detectives
Yeah, it's been too long, loyal readers.
Enough with that. Explore.
Thrashed up, angry, prog-ish punk is pretty much what Lets Bitter Cinema is. He's signed to Young & Lost Club ... the dudes that brought us Vincent Vincent & the Villains, Good Shoes, and Larrikin Love. That label'll only get better as time goes on, looks like.
But truly -- this Lets Bitter Cinema one-man band thing is good. Raw, sparse, harsh and emotional. I wish he'd written better lyrics, or not made the lamer ones so prevalent, but I guess that's part of the punk style.

Ohh, I'm in to this stuff by the Ones. Again, pretty sparse stuff, but cleaner and folksier than Lets Bitter Cinema. Plus -- female vocalist!? A winner most definitely in my book. Very cute stuff, very light and tasteful pop ... be sure to check out their MySpace page for samples and such.

Out of this installment's bunch, I'd say the Pigeon Detectives is my favorite group. Clean, crisp, yet angsty and forceful pop with a twist of punk. It's a little like what would happen if Franz Ferdinand did covers of songs by the Strokes. Sort of. Not quite. They're from Leeds ... good to see people coming from that area again, although I dare one to upstage Gang of Four.
They've a MySpace page as well.
Lets Bitter Cinema -- Here We Come Ready Or Not
Lets Bitter Cinema -- Don't Leave the Kids Alone
the Pigeon Detectives -- Wait for Me
the Pigeon Detectives -- Don't Know How To Say Goodbye

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