Deerhoof's Back (And Now I'm Legit)

One thing I've always loved about Deerhoof is how they [pretty] reliably release one album every year or year and a half.
So when I'm feeling down and lacking in terms of new releases, I just look back on Deerhoof's discography, realize it's been a year and a few months, and viola! instant happiness ... the new album's coming out soon, I think.

While most of you already know that Friend Opportunity will be hitting stores in January (re: my other post on this subject), plenty of news has come up concerning the record's awesomeness. David Shrigley created twelve covers for the album, for example. More importantly,
On previous albums, one of Deerhoof's main weapons was negative space – the band members were like painters who'd leave bare patches of canvas to highlight their strokes; now they're more inclined to fill in each square inch, inviting us to revel in every brilliant corner ... But just as importantly, you can hear how Deerhoof took a little something from each of the bands they'd toured with — Radiohead, the Roots, and Wilco — although they don't sound like any of those bands. It's more like some strange new mountain of music that came from several tectonic plates of colliding conceptions, a stunning upheaval that scrapes the skies and etches mind-boggling mandalas into the clear blue.

Anyway. Check out these official MP3s. They are fantastic. What an amazing record.
Deerhoof - +81
Deerhoof - The Little Drummer Boy