Possibly the most appealing aspect of New Order's music to me is Peter Hook's amazing bass playing. He plays so high and carries so much melody through what most bands consider just the crummy extra part: the stereotypical bassist is always the idiot room mate who had nothing better to do than learn how to pluck a few strings.
Peter Hook is the counter example.

Anyway, this new Portuguese band -- Loto (lame name?) has a rather good track called "Cuckoo Plan" (lame name?) which features ... Peter Hook on bass! And man does he tear it up.

But the group clearly has artist merit and ability in its own right ... check out their MySpace page. They're fun, light, a little on the frantic side, but brimming with tropical vibes and poppy, sharp guitar lines (re: Aztec Camera) and actually an inordinate amount of New Order influences, in terms of vocals, song structure, synth integration, and yes, bass lines ... I hope, hope, hope these guys go somewhere.
Always room for a Portuguese band in America ...
Loto - Cuckoo Plan (feat. Peter Hook)
Loto - Back To Discos