Smoothie Man!

bulgur brothers
After that LCD Soundsystem/DFA fiasco, I've decided to lay low once again ... I do feel sort of bad for good ol' James Murphy: his new record's been leaked, and it's not to be released until March! Ah!

So ... here goes the usual listing. Enjoy some of these guys (if not all!)
I recently came across this Swedish techo duo, Blugur Brothers. A strange name, yes, but what cool music, if you're into that minimal house sort of thing (think Playhouse or something). They've a MySpace page, so check that out for more music!

If you're into cute, glam-pop (sort of) from Canada, then you should check out ... Tomboyfriend. They're neat, they're fun, they're gonna "take the boys on"!

London's never been a hot spot for folk-pop (in my mind, at least), but this it hugs back group is pretty ace, and pretty folksy. There's an air of shoegaze to them, though, and is it just me, or do those acoustic guitars sound pretty distorted at points? I dunno ... check out their MySpace page, though ...
Tomboyfriend -- End of Poverty
Tomboyfriend -- Anything Can Be Loved
it hugs back -- Lights In the Trees (clip)
it hugs back -- Soft Spot (clip)