What Is It?

pull tiger tail
I'll be the first to admit that the hype that the NME and similar magazines have delivered to the Klaxons is at least partially founded. They're -- for lack of a better word -- good. They've created a new-ish style of music that's both frantic and spazzy yet collected and dancy. And with an outward style like theirs, it's hard to ignore them.

So their "neo-rave" style (or whatever) is catching on. Bands like Pull Tiger Tail are boarding the bandwagon early and replicating the sound for those of us too eager for another Klaxons release to wait. While Pull Tiger Tail isn't quite as wacky and confounding and chillingly bizarre as Klaxons, they've got quite a spark, and that's something. Check out their MySpace page.

On another note ... Betty & the Werewolves. These girls sound like they're channeling the Unicorns through the guise of the Pipettes. Interesting stuff ... sweet start-stop guitar pop structured songs, charming vocals, and plenty of hooks that pull you right in.

Lastly, I've got this super goofy pseudo-rap duo, the Similou They're from Gothenburg (and boy do they sound it) and full of whatever Junior Senior have been taking and old school rap. It's Kool Keith meets Junior Senior filtered through Duran Duran. Still not quite sure what to make of it all, but they're interesting and certainly fun. Check out their MySpace page, too ...
Pull Tiger Tail - Mr 100 Percent