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box codax
I never realized this until a few days ago, but Nick McCarthy of Franz Ferdinand used to be in a German band called Kamerakino. It's been like, two years since they released anything, but the other cool and related news is that Nick McCarthy (who obviously split from the group), actually recently released a solo record, under the moniker Box Codax. It's certainly not Franz Ferdinand, but there's a pop quality to it that does remind me quite a bit of some of Franz's hooks and such. Definitely a bizarre record, but worth looking into ...

Check out Kamerakino's MySpace page, and be sure to also head over to Box Codax's, too.

This one's unrelated, but you all should check out Teenage Symphony, a quirky pop band from Dallas. There's a very eerie, atmospheric quality to their stuff ... chilly vocals on top don't make anything warmer, and the carol-like harmonizing frosts the whole production.
But I dig it, so be sure to head over to their MySpace page as well!

Lastly, be sure to listen to some stuff by My Luminaries. These Manchester-based guys have a sound akin to what would happen were Good Shoes to mingle with the Strokes. It's sharp at the edges, hook-filled, and fun, but a little rough and screwy on the inside. I've a feeling that this quartet'll be hyped to some extent, but that's just me talking ...
Box Codax - Pollockshields Girls
Box Codax - Naked Smile
Teenage Symphony - Jesus Christ
Teenage Symphony - Lucky