the pigeon detectives
Yeah, it's been too long, loyal readers.
Enough with that. Explore.
Thrashed up, angry, prog-ish punk is pretty much what Lets Bitter Cinema is. He's signed to Young & Lost Club ... the dudes that brought us Vincent Vincent & the Villains, Good Shoes, and Larrikin Love. That label'll only get better as time goes on, looks like.
But truly -- this Lets Bitter Cinema one-man band thing is good. Raw, sparse, harsh and emotional. I wish he'd written better lyrics, or not made the lamer ones so prevalent, but I guess that's part of the punk style.

Ohh, I'm in to this stuff by the Ones. Again, pretty sparse stuff, but cleaner and folksier than Lets Bitter Cinema. Plus -- female vocalist!? A winner most definitely in my book. Very cute stuff, very light and tasteful pop ... be sure to check out their MySpace page for samples and such.

Out of this installment's bunch, I'd say the Pigeon Detectives is my favorite group. Clean, crisp, yet angsty and forceful pop with a twist of punk. It's a little like what would happen if Franz Ferdinand did covers of songs by the Strokes. Sort of. Not quite. They're from Leeds ... good to see people coming from that area again, although I dare one to upstage Gang of Four.
They've a MySpace page as well.
Lets Bitter Cinema -- Here We Come Ready Or Not
Lets Bitter Cinema -- Don't Leave the Kids Alone
the Pigeon Detectives -- Wait for Me
the Pigeon Detectives -- Don't Know How To Say Goodbye