via audio
I missed it. Damn it.
I hit the 600 post ... "barrier" (?) with that Deerhoof post. I was sort of hoping that by this point, I'd be a little higher up, but I suppose 600 is more than realistic after over two years.
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Anyway ... today I've got a bunch of new stuff to lay out for all of you.
For those of you out there who like Autolux, Galaxie 500, and other such bands, Via Audio may be the group for you.
They're certainly downer, and they almost plod along like a blues song or something, but there's a vitality to their stuff ... a tastefulness. And they incorporate plenty of subtle little things into their songs, whether it be strange instrumentation, precise plucking, or beautifully mixed and layered vocals. For a Brooklyn-based group, they're pretty damn chill.
Check out the MySpace page!

I don't know much about the Melbourne scene, aside from like, Modular (which is probably enough for me ... ), but if you're into bar-band sort of stuff with a twinge of arty-ness (re: Mission of Burma here), then Telecom is the group for you. I can never quite place it, but I always feel like Australian bands have a twee element to them that's uncommon in other countries. Telecom's music is significantly heavier than twee-pop tends to be, but maybe twee-rock (a contradiction?) would be a better way to put it. It's ... cute. (Forgive my language.)
Guess what!? They've a MySpace page, too.

Lastly, I heart the Submaries. They've a MySpace page, too ... listen to ... everything.
(Yeah ... I got bored of writing there.)
Telecom - Second Feature
Telecom - Short Round
the Submarines - Love & Hate