Ghost Box

the focus group
I recently came across this really phenomenal UK record label, Ghost Box. The label's "manifesto" of sorts is as follows ...
Ghost Box is an independent music label for artists that find inspiration in library music albums, folklore, vintage electronics, and the school music room.
Interesting, huh?
Truly, these guys are releasing some awesome stuff. The label's signed four groups (the Focus Group being my favorite), all of which sound similar to like, Broadcast. It's old 60s psychedelic lounge sort of stuff ... perfect to explicate and analyze, but also perfect to relax to. If you're in a mod-ish 60s pad or something.

Regardless, I'll keep listening to this stuff, narrow-cut slacks, fitted suit, and horn-rimmed glasses or not ...
Check out some of the clips they've provided us below ...
the Focus Group - Hey Let Your Love Loose
the Focus Group - Activity and Scales(clip)
the Focus Group - Alsh(clip)
the Focus Group - Bromiding Place(clip)
Belbury Poly - Wildspot(clip)
the Advisory Circle - Mind How You Go(clip)