A year or so ago, this weird little Brooklyn art/psychedelic band, Vietnam, released The Concrete's Always Greyer on the Other Side of the Street on Vice Records (or all the labels!) ...
There's something sweet and endearing about them, something ethereal and distancing also, and something warm and comforting to mix it all together in what -- to me -- sounds like the Strokes trying to turn up their culture and add in some heavy psych undertones.

They're clean, and I doubt their really as hippy-ish as they attempt to be, but hey -- if you're living in a converted store front/commune, you've gotta have one hell of a lot of creative juices flowing through your veins.

They've got a whole slew of releases coming up this year, including an album on Kemado Records, and some other stuff on The Social Registry. Get pumped. It'll be cool stuff, I'm certain.
Try these tracks out.
VietNAM - Welcome To My Room
VietNAM - Step On Inside
VietNAM - The Priest, the Poet, & the Pig
VietNAM - Mr. Goldfinger
VietNAM - Hotel Riverview