BIBABIDI: 2006, A Very Brief Musical Inventory

bibabidi mag
Today's post is actually ... in regards to something I've just produced! No longer am I writing about others' work.
Okay, but let's be realistic ... that's how it'll be going for a while longer still.

BIBABIDI: 2006, A Very Brief Musical Inventory is a sort of magazine I produced to commemorate the year in BiBaBiDi. It features reprints of interviews I did, plenty of graphics and quotes, a few unaffiliated pictures, and a "best of 2006" list.

So if you'd like it, please email me. I'm looking to charge $2 for each issue, but I'd be happy to get them off my hands.

Also in the works is a magazine for DHS and a few other projects I'm working on independently. So keep your eyes peeled.


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