Before Bed

comic book fever
I'm really tired ... too much working and walking: a dangerous combination.
Anyway, I decided to post about this group, Comic Book Fever before doing a "real" post tomorrow.
These guys are from Toronto, but they are definitely unlike most other Canadian bands I'm familiar with. New Wave and and Post-Punk would be two really great descriptors to use for these guys ... there's something very David Byrne about the vocals, but it's offset by each song's abruptness and punkiness. And while they've got some cool structure to their songs, they're pretty simple and sloppy. In this case, though, I like sloppy, and I like how it all fits together.
Cool bass, too ...
Oh! I've got it! The singer sounds a bit like Fred Perry ... (no?)
Comic Book Fever - TV Babies
Comic Book Fever - Kids On Drugs Under Fire
Comic Book Fever - The Moving Car
Comic Book Fever - We Sympathize (live)(.m4a)