More Sweden (and Friends ... )

I came across this band the other day, and I cannot say how glad I am that I clicked on that slightly suspicious-looking hyperlink. Phew ... this one turned out to be a gem.
Yeah, the Swedes have given us a few too many bands, but I'll let Hemstad slip in through the back door here. Way too good. They make this adorable guitar pop (Orange Juice/Aztec Camera, no?) that sweetens you up and is exciting ... and "sometimes they go, like, 'doo doo doo' and stuff." Right on. Check out the MySpace page (or just download from me)!
*Note* -- Want to hear another reason why Hemstad is uber-awesome? Because they live in a house they built themselves in Gothenburg! You have to admit ...

Oh, and I found another good guitar pop kind of band ... the White Sport. Granted, these dudes are from London, and they're a bit "harder" than Hemstad ... and slightly gaggier, but that's cool with me. I dig this stuff as well ... check out their MySpace page for the cool tracks!

And while we're going over this whole guitar pop thing from Sweden/England, I guess I'll also mention ... To My Boy. And yes, I may have mentioned these dudes before, but since I never heard all of the songs up on their page, I decided to risk it ... so this may be the second time you've seen these guys mentioned here. You attentive readers ...
Isn't it cool, though? Like, spazzy, nerdy guitar pop. Woo.
Hemstad - Fyllekärring
Hemstad - Patrik Sjöberg
Hemstad - Kaserntorgets Chardisco