The President Is Laughing to Cheat

I so do not get the process that Japanese people go through to name their songs or bands. You wind up with all these random ones like ... "The President Is Laughing to Cheat," and thing ... "uh ... what the hell does that mean?"
Well, I have no answers. It beats me, and I'm sure that if directly asked, no Japanese people would be able to give satisfactory answers.
Regardless, the songs still have the potential to be awesome. Don't judge a book by it's cover (or name!), right? So don't judge Halfby too harshly for being bad in general at naming his songs ("Screw the Plan," "Rodeo Machine," "And the Coconut") ... he's Japanese. I recently picked up his newest single -- Screw the Plan -- and while I like it, I'll admit that it ain't as good as some of his stuff. The single marks his debut on Toy's Factory (although he seems to still be with Second Royale), one of Japan's bigger record labels. Did he sell out? Maybe. I don't care ... I dig the songs, and that's all.
So those of you who have been waiting for my promised Japanese music updates, here's one more for the count.
Halfby - The President Is Laughing to Cheat