Noisy Noise

chrome hoof
Generally speaking, there are two sorts of music I like and that I really get into. There's the thought-out, smarter, complexer stuff -- think Interpol, Arcade Fire, Islands ... that sort of thing -- and then there's the thematic stuff -- something that survives on style alone (Tilly and the Wall, New Young Pony Club, MSTRKRFT). I consider noise-rock or any genre with "noise" in the name (save for a few ... Deerhoof, for example), to be such a group; one that survives on style.
So if you're into sweaty, noisy, sporadic, and unpredictable funky noise-rock, then Chrome Hoof is the group for you. I love their female vocalist ... she sounds like a witch. And the vocoders and so cool. Whatever, you know I'm just into this group for that raw, speedy bass.

I like Lexie Mountain Boys for the complete opposite reason. They're the epitome of under spoken style ... so while they rely on a very specific aesthetic ("we-just-finished-recording-this-in-our-basement," that is), it's not noisy and it sure as hell isn't well produced. I wouldn't even really call this music. It's a bunch of folky girls that try to look normal while walking through the middle of Compton. Whatever ... give 'em a try. They're weird.
Chrome Hoof - Tonyte