Rainy Season In Sweden

Honestly, it is raining Swedish bands all over the place these days. Sweden is the Canada that does not give up, does not sputter out, does not lose the energy that got it to where it is now.
That'll make their fall from grace all the more sweet for me. I have a love/hate thing going on here ... I love this stuff, but man do I wish I was hearing it from U.S. bands first ...
Anyway, I've got a few more Swedish bands for you all now.
You cannot go wrong with this band, Lapuma. Very strong female vocals (a little in the style of Chrissie Hynde, a little bit of the Cardigans, no?) While I get a tad tired of their especially straight-forward style of pop-garage, I feel my toes twitching when I listen, and that's a good sign.
Little Dragon is unlike most other Gothenburg groups I've heard. They're more interested in like, R&B as opposed to guitar pop, but I respect that and, in this case, actually dig it. So check them out ... they've got something unique and creative going on for them.
I was hesitant to post about this guy I got a message from, Olof. His music, especially "Springbreak2" are especially tired. Like, they have little energy. I listened more and, needless to say, got more into him. Some of these songs are especially sweet and dreamy and just great pop tunes. It's very clear that this guy likes Joy Division ... while this is guitar pop we're talking here, it doesn't get much darker than Olof. And the atmospheric qualities of the arrangements are shooting for that Joy Division sound (not getting there, though ... not humanly possible).
Lapuma - Ride the Devil
Lapuma - Queen In Bloom
Lapuma - You Make It Hard