Giving In

international pony
I usually don't like writing posts that you can see coming. I aspire to be at least slightly unpredictable. And I acknowledge that my musical tastes change (either in the forward direction -- exploring, that is -- or in a backwards direction -- looking back on the bands that guided me into the musical world), and I try to post in accordance with that. So you'll get a mixed bag here at BiBaBiDi. I hope you all like that ...
So my point ... this post may be one of those where you sit down and say, "oh, I should have seen this one coming." Some of these groups are big in the blogosphere. The next post will bet less predictable. (Wait for the end of this one, though -- you won't guess what it is!)

Oh boy oh boy! The Boggs' latest is truly exciting! Experimental? I say yes. Garage? I say yes. Post-punk there, too? Absolutely. Great job in terms of balancing the male and female vocals, too. Great job all around. This is really cool stuff ... listen to some new tracks on their MySpace page!

And the Octopus Project is back! The uber-cool thing about their return is that they did it with Black Moth Super Rainbow, a group that is often compared -- justifiably -- to like, Boards of Canada. So this new record, The House Of Apples & Eyeballs has a steady pulse, a restrained sort of ambiance about it, but it's also full of life and quirks and that indie-pop aesthetic that made the Octopus Project so likable to begin with. Who doesn't have a MySpace page? (Download from me, though ... you get to keep the MP3s!)

You know that everyone's been waiting for the new Legends album. It's called Facts and Figures and it's finally on the horizon! It's the same stuff -- amazing guitar pop with a bit of a hint of New Wave and, of course, Scandinavian sensibility added in -- but this time around ... better! I'm digging all of these tracks, so I feel bad just putting up two ... enjoy them, though!

And lastly ... a German band -- International Pony. These dudes ... honestly, I wish I could describe them. Okay, they dress up like they're imitation Power Rangers, and they play German dance music, but with like, guitars and such. So there's much more of a band feel here, and I like that, especially in Germany, a place where you don't see a whole lot of band activity. They're goofy, but for some reason, I take them seriously (maybe a bad thing in this case?) ... maybe it's because they genuinely have creativity in them ... and talent?
the Octopus Project - Spiracle
the Octopus Project - Lollipopsichord
the Octopus Project - Psychic Swelling
the Legends - Play It For Today
the Legends - Blue Lights
International Pony - Solid Gold
International Pony - Gothic Girl