Tired Day

cake on cake
I need something in every day (and I specifically mean day here ... night not included) that makes me feel like I did something. Today's not looking too bright as they are many football games and other complications.
So ... I got it down to this: do the laundry, do a post, or ... do both! I opted for the latter, thereby making my day super fulfilling.
So ... those of you who aren't weekend readers ... you're missing out. Enjoy this on Monday.

Yeah, I've got a terrible obsession with anything Swedish right now, so I'm digging BomBom quite a bit. I guess Sweden isn't such a bad place to have an obsession with. I like how the BomBom dudes sing in Swedish ... don't hear that too often. If you like the Hives -- that sort of thing -- you will certainly enjoy BomBom.

Guess where Cake On Cake's from!? They sound nothing like BomBom, though, so be happy with that difference. Cake On Cake the lo-fi band of Helena Sundin. Apparently, she makes everything alone and in her room, which is pretty cool considering the depth of her music. It's lo-fi, but it's pretty ambitious ...

For my last Swedish band of the day ... 22:22, a cute indie-pop group. I have neither the patience nor the time (do I really?) to read the info that the group's written on their MySpace page in that annoying font. No way I'm getting through that. So listen to them for yourselves, and enjoy them ... interesting vocal dynamic there ...
BomBom - Pop I Kras
BomBom - Han Menar Allt
Cake On Cake - Sparrow Parade
Cake On Cake - Francoise
Cake On Cake - I See No Stars