Being Upstaged

foreign born
I went to see Rogue Wave last night, and if you haven't picked it up yet, I didn't end up liking them the best out of the three groups I saw perform. Rogue Wave was not doing too well (singer was a bit sick, bass player looked like hell), and Jason Collett and his group were, while on the ball, a little boring and too much like Bob Dylan for my liking.

Foreign Born was where it was at last night. I was impressed with their EP, but that did little to prepare me for how awesome they are live! Imagine a folksy Echo & the Bunnymen or something. But not folksy at all, really ... just an Echo that, instead of British roots of some sort, looked to American music for their foundations. Truly a cool concert. The guitarist was amazing, and I love the singer (he even has an Ian McCulloch thing going on!) ...

And hey, the group is releasing an album -- maybe called On The Wing Now -- next year. They've pressed 500 copies of it themselves, and you can pick that up at the shows (while supplies last). I reccommend it.
Oh, and check out the photos here, here, and here.
Foreign Born - Union Hall
Foreign Born - The Entryway
Foreign Born - Holy Spinter (demo)
Foreign Born - Into Your Dream (demo)