Your Fight Is Over

Envelopes are currently touring the country with Ratatat, and last night marked their first gig in L.A. It was sold out weeks ago, but luckily I was able to hook up an interview with the group, so I got on the guest list literally 48 hours before the show!
So that was happy moment number one.
But what an amazing night. For about an hour and a half I just hung out with Envelopes (okay, so I did the interview was well), and, while this shouldn't have surprised me, they are incredibly down to earth and exceptionally friendly and relatable. I'm not afraid to admit it: I love them.
But man what a great show. Absolutely on top of their game, they did a great live rendition of their album stuff. That's one of the group's biggest concerns: making the album sound too much like a studio effort. They are definitely very good at replicating that live sound on records, though. So while the set wasn't a whole lot different than Demon, it was great to see them do their thing in the flesh.
Truly a great band. (You know why I'm saying that, though ... )

Ratatat had amazing lights but bored me after a while. Eh.
Check out the Envelopes photos here, and the Ratatat stuff here. They cam out pretty well!

Oh -- and here are some live tracks from the tour! Enjoy them!
Envelopes - I Don't Like It (live)
Envelopes - Life On the Beach (live)
Envelopes - It Is the Law (live)
Envelopes - Sister In Love (live)