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bolt action five
I'm pretty impressed by like, the sheer number of different bands that are in the London music scene. While not every group is ground-breaking or something new, they all have like, their own thing going on. It's sort of cool.

Tiger Force is my latest find. They're sort of like D.A.T. Politics electroclash, but with this childish, goofy style to everything they do. It's fun ... speedy and ridiculous and loud, edging on annoying. I dig it ...

Bolt Action Five works in a similar vein: spastic, glitchy electroclash or whatever. But they're sharper with cleaner production qualities. These guys look like they're headed somewhere ... where, I'm not quite sure, but I dunno ... sounds like it'll only be uphill from here for them ...
Oh yeah, and they've a MySpace page

For something else, pretty different from the above two bands, go to the Bleeps. While they're also from London, they're more punk-edge that Tiger Force or Bolt Action Five. Certainly just as jumpy and weird as them, though ...
Hey! They've a MySpace page, too ... what do ya know!

Is it cool if I add a Brazilian band into the mix here? Because truly, I am impressed by Wry, a poppy four-piece that sings in English and sounds one hell of a lot more American than like, other bands that you think of when you hear "Brazil" and "indie" in the same sentence (CSS, anyone?) ...
They create these rather distorted, thrashy soundscapes to build their pop melodies off of. I think it works well ... dreamy hooks and vocals combined with some MBV-esque guitar strumming and sharp, cutting drums. Check out their MySpace page as well!
Tiger Force - Kat N Kakey
Bold Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe
Bolt Action Five - Gurl Howl
Bolt Action Five - Spree
Bolt Action Five - Spring Heel Jack
the Bleeps - Doing So Well
the Bleeps - I Am A Discotek