Excessive Listening

vverevvolf grehv
I truly do go through micro-phases in my musical tastes. I really like one thing, then I switch to another a few months or weeks later, and then I'm off somewhere else all over again.
Yeah, the mainstays are there, so I'm never going to like, get obsessed with Rilo Kiley or something -- they're not my bad -- but I will continue, I think, to go through these micro-phases. They're interesting.
Now I'm all about the likes of the Blood Brothers, the Locust, Lightning Bolt ... that sort of sound. And man is it doing a number on my head (this will be a very short micro-phases, looks like).
Anyway, I was looking around, and came across VvereVvolf Grehv, Michael Dappen of the Faint's latest moniker. (Apparently he, too, got involved in a law suit.) It's sort of cool ... like industrial, spazzy noise versions of stuff the Faint could have done.
But geeze do I have a headache!