Wild Electric Dream

the filthy dukes
One thing that I try to figure out is what it is that makes bands play what they play. That is, what is the X Factor that unites all of these groups today (electro, electroclash, folk, post-punk revival, glitch)? Is it all about the scene? Is it all about the changing aesthetics in our world; our every alternating likes and dislikes? Is it a combination? Because I see parallels between so many groups these days, but I also feel obliged to call each of them unique. They're all doing something a little different, but also like, the same. It's confusing, and my logical mind wishes there was cohesion there.
There most likely isn't.

The Filthy Dukes are ... "electro rock new wave punk funk DJs." That's a good way to put it, but man is it confusing! They literally do cover too manby genres for me to keep track of, and if that's creativity, then these guys are blowing me away.
Check 'em out at their MySpace page. It is super cool stuff. And download their really, really awesome mix below!

The Teenagers are ... man am I digging these London dudes. Garage? A Dancey version of the Libertines? I dunno, but man are these guys fun. And I still love those female vocals ... ach. They're cynical, they're cute, they're edgy, they're hooky ... really a great act.

This doesn't quite fit in with the other two bands, but it sort of does, and that's enough for me. I'm usually sort of against French rap. I'm usually sort of against rap from any country by the USA. Yeah, it's harsh, and yeah, I write a lot of people off, but rap is based pretty heavily upon like, intonation and verse and that sort of thing, and French doesn't do it for me.
But I am digging les Rimmailleurs, a laid back French rap trio. Sorry, I still can't get over the accents, and I think it's funny how they like, diss Bush. Actually, they're really gaggy. But whatever -- some cool beats, and a free maxi. Do it.
the Filthy Dukes - Nation Of Shop Keepers 2 (.zip)
the Filthy Dukes - Mini Mix May '06
the Teenagers - We Are the Teenagers
the Teenagers - Sleeping Bag (Yo Version)
les Rimmailleurs - RR (maxi) (.zip)