Waiting, Waiting ...

colours are brighter
I'm sure that most of you have heard about Air's upcoming album, but did you also know that Jean-Benoit Dunkel -- one of the duo -- also has released some of his own material under the name Darkel? It's ... what you'd expect, I guess. Like Air without all those neat-o harmonies and a little simpler ... less layering, orchestration, and depth. Hey, I'm making it sound bad, and that it certainly is not. Check out his MySpace page and judge for yourself!

I recently came across this group from L.A., Whispertown2000, and they're pretty cool if you're looking for like, a folksy, acoustic version of some of Tilly & the Wall's stuff. I like the harmonies, and I really, really like those raspy female vocals. Charming, but rough, which makes them all the more charming, in turn.

I was reading about this Colours Are Brighter compilation for kids, and man is it cool. I would totally get this for my kids ... included on the comp are Franz Ferdinand, the Flaming Lips, Four Tet, Belle & Sebastian, and many more excellent musicians and groups. Really a cool album ... can't wait for its release. Check out the MySpace page for more info and streamed song, but also be sure to download "Jackie Jackson" from below!

Lastly, since I liked Science of Sleep so much, I've decided to post the pseudo-cover of the Velvet Underground's "If You Close the Door" from the film ... it's just as cute as you'd expect. Enjoy!
Darkel - At the End of the Sky
Darkel - My Own Sun
Franz Ferdinand - Jackie Jackson
Gael Garcia Bernal - If You Rescue Me (Chanson des Chats)