das wunderlust
It's been a while since I've done a band update ... I've had a lot of mixes, the LCD Soundsystem continuous mix, 45:33, but not much in the way of just delivering to you all some cool leads ...
So here we go!

Good to see some more folks comin' out of Belgium. The little I've heard from the country has been great, and I would expect there's more out there. White Circle Crime Club is one such band. Dark, precise, danceable, noisy, and post-punk in nature. They're a bit of everything I love, and that works for me ... check out their MySpace page as well!

So it's the hip new thing to do: pretend your from a country you're not from (who would have thought that Fujiya & Miyagi ... weren't from Japan!?)
Das Wunderlust is a super cool noise-rock/new wave four-piece from Middlesbrough! I like their edginess, their assumed anger, and their protrusive, almost obnoxious delivery of songs, synths, scratchy guitars and all. You know what? I guess they are German. Whatever. They've got a MySpace page ... figure it out.

I guess this is old news, Cosmodrome, as they haven't had anything new for a year or two now, but I like them a lot, and never paid them much attention until ... now. They're a two/three-piece from Paris (woo!), and they create some really excellent no-wave-inspired jams with an electronic dance music edge. I love those bass lines ... add something as strong and funky into the mix as that, and you've stolen my heart. Check out their MySpace page as well.

Das Wunderlust - I Wish I Was A Robot
Das Wunderlust - Apples (live)
Cosmodrome - Runaway Punk
Cosmodrome - Dreedum
Cosmodrome - Punk Up the Volume
Cosmodrome - Anarchy In the PC