In the City ...

Yeah, I've got a big French thing right now. While my infatuation has little to do with French music, it most likely should. In an attempt to change my favoritist ways, I have made a concerted effort to hear more modern French stuff. No longer does this just mean listening to Daft Punk's Coachella bootleg or hearing the latest Ed Banger releases. I've diversified even more ... and here are four groups and musicians who I deem very super awesome. Listen to them all ... they're certainly worth it.

Klanguage? What the hell's that? They are ...
a girl, two guys, some old-fashionned keyboards, few drum-machines, 2 guitars, a bass

Yes ... they're cool. Electro dance? Check. Stimulating? Check, again. Sexy vocals 'n vocoders? Check check! Cutting drum machines? Funky synths? Check on all accounts. Listening to this is getting me too excited: I can't write the rest of this post!

I see Headbandgirl as a sort of French version of some indie teeny-bopper from Japan. Mixed with a very talented DJ or something. She spins quite a wide range of stuff, and yeah, it's pretty good, and certainly unique in terms of DJ stuff. So listen up!

If you thought Plastic Bertrand was the end of French punk, you're wrong! The Shoppings (along with some other groups, namely the Prototypes) play newly invigorated French punk. It's quick, it's brash and raw, and it hits you hard and straight on. Check out their MySpace page and listen to some of those tunes! Anarchy in France!

While Poney Poney isn't quite as punk as the Shoppings, they've more similarties with that groups -- and just normal bands in general -- than like, Cassius, Daft Punk; those who you usually associate with the French style/sound. Sort of reminds me of like, a poppier, bubblegum version of Phoenix. Crisp, clean guitar lines, not-too-pretentious males vocals, hand claps, and saloon-like piano lines. Fun fun fun! Check these dudes out as well on their MySpace page!

Yeah, Pulpa is from Sweden. Okay ... they don't fit the France criteria, I guess ... but you know, they're also very cool, dancey, poppy, and boppy. Sporadic, cheery, and oh-too-killer.
Klanguage - Priceless Things (TACTEEL Remix)
Klanguage - All This Time (YUKSEK vs INVADERS Remix)
Klanguage - Priceless Things
Klanguage - The Message
Headbandgirl - Groveland
Poney Poney - I'm Not Always A German (acoustic demo)
Pulpa - Make This A War
Pulpa - We Fall In Love
Pulpa - Julie
Pulpa - The Rivals