radio.bibabidi Vol. 2 No. 2

Okay, so I've changed this up a little ... these radio.bibabidi mixes will not be monthly. Or rather, they will not be limited to being released on a monthly basis. I'm too overwhelmed with new music that I don't write about on the blog, so I've decided to just make these as the music comes.
Which means you all should be ... happy, right? More tracks for you all to consume.
Without further ado ... here's the latest track list. (I'm staying with the theme of new releases, though ... )
radio.bibabidi vol. 2 no. 2

{1}120 Days / Sleepwalking
{2}the Long Blondes / You Could Have Both
{3}Clinic / Tusk
{4}Whirldwind Heat / Slugger
{5}Love Ninjas / I Wanna Be Like Johnny C
{6}the Black Neon / Hollywood 1 2 and 3
{7}[ingenting] / Slapp In Solen
{8}Working for a Nuclear Free City / Forever
{9}Lexx / Sirocco
{10}Lindstrøm / Arp She Said
{11}Benoît Pioulard / Moth Wings
{12}the Shins / Phantom Limb
{13}Various Production / Sir
{14}Tussle / Trappings
{15}Klaxons / Atlantis to Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix)